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Monday, December 20, 2010

MD Oral Fluids Salvia Drug Test Products Now Available from Rapid Exams

MD 5 oral fluid drugs of abuse saliva test. MD 5 Panel Device (COC/OPI/THC/mAMP/AMP) Oral Fluid Collection Swab 25/kits per box for only $159.99

Drug of abuse window Cut-Off level (12-18 month shelf life) *FEATURES* Saturation Indicator (know when to EASILY READ this oral drug test).

Amphetamine (AMP) 50 ng/mL
Cocaine (COC) 20 ng/mL

Opiates (OPI) 40 ng/mL
Marijuana (THC) 12 ng/mL
Methamphetamine (mAMP) 50 ng/mL

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Oral Cube® is the only saliva drug test in the market that tests for as many as 11 illicit drugs of abuse. as low as $8.47ea.
A Revolutionary one step oral fluid drug test In drug analysis, oral fluid drug screening has certain advantages over the screening of other biological fluids such as urine and blood. click here for more info