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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

K2 drug detection, can you detect it on a drug screen? Yes starting 02/20/2012

K2 Facts Drug Detection & Side Effects
K2/Spice is a synthetic form of marijuana . Some people compare the effects of K2 to marijuana. Right now the drug is legal in certain sectors of the United States, but more and more states are trying to pass bills against the use of K2.

Rapid Exams is your one step source for drugs of abuse use in the US and abroad.

People ask and many wonder if you can detect K2 in an instant drug test rapid device, Yes.

K2 Spice contains synthetic cannabis as JWH-018 and it is now detectable in a lab based drug test as of FEB 20th, 2012. Visit my website http://www.rapidexams.com to learn more.

Know the facts about smoking pot (marijuana) before trying to get a job

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