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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Need drug testing supplies?

Buy Drug Test for Your Business or School, REI provides Drug Test Supplies
Drug testing supplies are almost a necessity for businesses and even school systems. The wide spread use of drugs and alcohol has created this need. Ensuring that employees or even family members are not harming themselves or others through the use of drugs or alcohol can be the difference in the quality of life for all that are involved. Purchasing these supplies is now easy and affordable through www.orderdrugtests.us. This site is trusted by the BBB as well as the drug and alcohol testing industry association, so consumers can feel confident about their affiliation with REI. Buy Drug Test at www.orderdrugtests.us
REI is the company that provides the many drug testing supplies that are available online. The numerous testing methods such as urine, saliva and alcohol are all available from cups to kits. Consumers can find oral fluid screens and test cards that will test for marijuana, cocaine or alcohol. There is a product library available to assist buyers in finding the supplies they need, for the prices they can afford. There are also tips and instructions available. If a customer needs to know how to perform a test, how-to understand the readings/results or a products shelf life.
If customers are in need of pre-employment testing for child care services or factory workers they can find supplies in bulk. For those who need to perform random drug testing such as the military or other government agencies, there are tests available.
Simple shopping, easy to read and understanding information makes the site quite popular. There are color photos as well as clear prices and detailed product text to assist all buyers in finding rapid drug testing products.

For additional information visit www.orderdrugtests.us
Contact:Phone 877-747-TEST www.orderdrugtests.us

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Skygrrrl said...

Drug testing is important for not only blue collar jobs (keeping accident rates on the job down), but also for white collar professional jobs. Drug and alcohol problems do not discriminate against race, gender or economic class. White collar offenders may not endanger themselves or others on the job, but think about it...they do too. Showing up late for work, taking long lunches, embezzeling from the company... Protect your workforce from themselves.