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Friday, December 28, 2007

Oral Screening Products

The Oraline IV drug test is a new product for O.D.T. Recently, some questions about this oral fluid screen were asked. Here are the results:

Oraline IV's nearest competitors in the market is the iScreen 4 and Oralscreen 4. The iScreen 4 is pretty popular by brand name, but no longer sold by O.D.T. As for the Oralscreen 4, one client was not pleased with the quality and workmanship nor the cut-off levels on the THC metabolite. This client converted its 1100 employees to using the Oraline IV.

Oraline IV has the potential to be a market leader for several reasons. Its Samhsa approval has been granted meaning people in the states will begin looking for the Oraline IV product. Medical recognition is always a BIG thing, and that should help this product. Oraline IV is the first saliva drug testing kit to test for the parent drug THC (marijuana) at the SAMHSA recommmended cut-off level of 4ng/mL, rather than the metabolite.

One of the challenges this product will face is expanding its product line to test more drugs in order to meet furthur demands.


Coruba said...


Could you please elobarate on where you found that Oraline IV has FDA approval? Is it on a official website or do you have a source inside the FDA itself?



rpdxms said...

Coruba, The Oraline IV is SAMHSA certified to the cut-off level of 4ng/mL for cannabinoids in marijuana. This information comes from the product manufacturer itself. The verbiage regarding Oraline IV having FDA approval was incorrectly stated. We have since your posting made the necessary corrections to that portion of the blog. Thank you for verifying information found in blogs, as many times blogging information can be incorrectly stated or communicated. - MJ/CEO of REI

rpdxms said...

SalivaConfirm is the registered trademark for the Oraline IV. The maker Confirm BioSciences is seeking to gain FDA approval according to our sources.